Hi, I’m Karen the owner/operator and head cookier (in other words the only cookier) of Happy Pat’s Cookies. I started making cookies and cakes as a outlet for my creativity.  I have a great family, the worlds best husband and 4 fantastic kids. Baking allows me to relax after hectic days. I try to channel my late grandmother who according to my grandpa was one of the greatest cooks on the face of the earth (insert rosey cheeked smiling emoji). I named my company Happy Pat’s as a tribute to my late aunt, Pat. She was a generous woman who had an eye for beauty and was known for giving little “happy’s” (gifts) to those she loved. I was lucky enough to receive numerous happy’s from her and I’m grateful for each memory they bring of her. I hope I can spread some of my own “happy’s” around – in the form of cookies of course- and brighten someone’s day. I put a lot of time and effort into all my cookie orders so if your in need of decorated cookies I hope you’ll give Happy Pat’s a chance to fill your order.

Thank you for stopping by to check out my site and have a great day!


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